The World Bank Group assigns to ED the design and implementation of its Global Public Procurement Database (GPPD)

The World Bank’s Global Public Procurement Database (GPPD) captures data about country public procurement and e-Procurement systems at a global level. The aim of the GPPD is to promote procurement reform and innovation through improved transparency and knowledge-sharing and is envisaged to become the one-stop online database of choice for the global public procurement community.

ED will develop a comprehensive web-based tool which will capture diagnostic procurement-related information which is expected to form a common, worldwide standard for collecting and sharing data on public procurement, covering governance, operations, ICT systems and results per country.

Other project outcomes include generation of demand for country procurement reforms and e-Procurement implementations, as well as provision of appropriate channels for information dissemination and knowledge sharing, facilitating synergies between existing procurement communities.

The work will support effectively the efforts of the World Bank to facilitate the implementation of optimum eProcurement practices all around the world.