The Scottish Government selected e-PPS for its Collaborative Content Management needs

The Scottish Government awarded to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a five year contract for the provision of the e-PPS platform and in particular its e-Catalogue sub-system for fulfilling its Collaborative Content Management (CCM) needs in this field.

The CCM will be utilized by the entire Scottish public sector and will host collaborative contract/framework agreement information, supplier and contracting authority details, allow Customers to use their e-Procurement / finance system to connect to supplier websites and, record and report upon all content related information. The CCM solution will also produce files in the appropriate format to allow content to be loaded to purchase-to-pay systems or similar e-Procurement / finance systems.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS will also supply managed services such as design, hosting, management, user support, software support, maintenance, transition, interoperability, marketing helpdesk, and continuing development.