SPIGA (System for Personalised Incentivisation with Gamified App)

A system for personalised incentivisation with gamified app (which has been developed in 2 projects now being adopted in a third one)-originally targeting energy efficiency for residential consumers and public workers but could be configured to support any socio-economic-environmental objectives, for example we have proposed it for food waste management.



BENEFFICE person-centered, incentivisation and engagement system for Energy Efficiency: The BENEFFICE complete system (integrated solution) brings together various technologies to provide the “person-centered, incentivisation and engagement system for Energy Efficiency addressed to residential consumers”. BENEFFICE ecosystem leverages:

  1. hardware devices and software to capture consumption data, energy disaggregation,
  2. mobile app: analysis and triggers to engage households in energy efficient behaviors, and neobanking app: monetary rewards for achieved savings and desired behaviours therefore changing the landscape from top-down (policies with limited effect) to bottom-up initiatives (with potential for wide scale take-up).

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