• Research & Development

    Designing technologically advanced ideas while fusing ICT with other emerging research domains

ED’s mission in R&D revolves around two axes:

1Design and develop the ICT technologies of tomorrow, leading to new competitive and innovative products and services that reflect the upcoming needs of society, government and businesses.

2Advance the scientific knowledge and technical skills of the company, remaining at the edge of competitiveness and technological development.

The company has over 15 years of experience in the R&D domain, with a track record of successfully bringing research results into commercial products made available to a variety of large organisations in more than 47 countries worldwide. Having established long-standing collaborations with universities, research institutes and R&D departments of industrial organisations complement our capacity for challenging technological innovation.

ED has in place a 10 year R&D roadmap in the field of e-government. Its efforts aim firstly to constantly evolve the company’s products, meeting the current and future business requirements of its clients, their expectations as far as the adoption of state of the art technologies is concerned. In addition, ED’s competent teams experiment with new technologies and thematic fields, in order to design new products.

Moreover, ED focuses its R&D efforts in a wide range of thematic domains. The company’s global research interests and related expertise are presented below.

Participation in funded R&D Projects

R&D Products and Services