Open Access Project for FAS

FAS, the Irish Training and Employment Agency, awarded a contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) to implement the Open Access Project based on the company’s Broad-Band Services Centre (BBSC). BBSC is an advanced platform allowing the delivery of broadband e-collaboration services.

The contract was awarded on behalf of the Public Employment Services (PES) of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium and it aims to develop new innovative solutions to facilitate contacts between jobseekers and employer services with a particular focus on accessibility broadband modalities. The project is geared towards the following:

  • assisting jobseekers who may have difficulties accessing PES services (e.g. they live in remote locations, they have disabilities, etc.), to register and review all suitable for them options in a virtual environment without the need to be physically present in a PES office;
  • assisting employers to register vacancies and use virtual face to face sessions.

The users may interact using voice over internet protocol (VoIP), video, Internet, voice recognition, contact centres and GSM. The system will allow an advanced used of high technology, and also counselling, psychology and media skills approaches using multi-media for remote contact.