EUROPEAN DYNAMICS was awarded a contract in the field of Border and External Security

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS BELGIUM SA participates in a consortium implementing a Horizon 2020 funded research and development project in the field of “Border and External Security”, titled TRESSPASS (Robust Risk-based Screening and Alert System for Passengers and Luggage).

TRESSPASS project includes air, maritime and land (including car and train) border crossing points, as well as travel routes that combine different modalities, and aims to develop a single cohesive risk-based border management concept by developing three pivoting pilot demonstrators and demonstrating the validity of the single cohesive risk-based border management concept by using red teaming and simulations. European Dynamics will implement the Dynamic Risk Assessment System module which will act as an “automated decision-maker” on the data extracted during the TRESSPASS procedure, as well as the integrator of the overall solution.

The consortium includes 22 leading international organizations and has an overall budget of EURO 7.9 M.