EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is now part of the ASSURE project, which will assess and mitigate the effects of wind-turbine generated electromagnetic wave scattering.

The ASSURE project was launched on August 2021 and has received funding from the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) 2014-2020. ASSURE’s vision is to facilitate faster licensing and installation of wind farms, while laying the foundations for wider deployment. This will be achieved through the development of new, improved algorithms and “suppression / mitigation” technologies for the EM scattering and clutter phenomena, caused by the rotational movement of the fins of wind turbines. It will combine the analysis of electromagnetic scattering with signal processing technologies, use of optimization criteria and modern machine learning techniques. As a result, the licensing of wind farms by the public authorities will be facilitated by examining applications more quickly. Furthermore, the installation of wind farms close to the radar observation fields will be possible, with benefits for the wind energy companies as well.

To enable and realize the proposed vision, ASSURE will design, develop and evaluate a novel, reliable software tool, that will operate as an accurate simulator, able to determine the scattering effects of electromagnetic waves on surveillance radars, due to the presence of wind turbines in the vicinity. The tool will accurately assess the adverse effects of wind turbines on radar of various types, creating a precise and systematic model of the relevant effects, taking into account the characteristics of radars and wind turbines, ground relief, as well as characteristics of scattering targets, thus enabling the setting of ban zones.