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    EUROPEAN DYNAMICS supports a wide range of initiatives internationally

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS announced an annual program of 10 scholarships for young Information Technology university graduates per year.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS – Scholarship Program

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS offers 10 scholarships at 5.000 EURO for Information Technology scientists and engineers who wish to enter post-graduate studies. In special cases the company may decide to award a higher amount.

First class academic institutions in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland or the USA (universities of other countries will be considered upon request by candidates).

Citizenship of beneficiaries
Open (priority will be given to citizens / residents of Greece, Cyprus and Eastern European and Mediterranean countries).

Information Technology and related high technology areas (the scholarship committee will consider other areas upon request by the candidates).

Completion of second cycle of academic studies with honours.

Please send your application to the EUROPEAN DYNAMICS Scholarship Program Committee: EDSPC@eurodyn.com. All applications must include a detailed CV and a motivation letter.

Ms. Litsa Felea, Human Resources Department, EUROPEAN DYNAMICS SA, 209 Kifissias Avenue15124 Maroussi, Athens – Greece, Email: EDSPC@eurodyn.com

Our contribution to the above objectives is the annual scholarship program offered to young university graduates of Information Technology. We sponsor young, talented and ambitious university graduates with an excellent academic performance, who seek financing for post graduate studies. We will also offer employment opportunities to all our scholars as well as every professional who wishes to work for a challenging and dynamic working environment, wants to build a professional career of a high standard and shares the values of our company.

Seminar of the Belgian School at Athens

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS sponsors the Post-graduate Intensive Seminar of the Belgian School at Athens, 1 – 9 October 2016. The subject is: “How to tackle Ancient Greek Coinage”.

Lykourgos Tsakonas

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS sponsors sprinter Lykourgos Tsakonas.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS employee Lykourgos Tsakonas wins 200 meters race in Rome in 20.09 seconds!

Our colleague sprinter Lykourgos Tsakonas celebrated winning the 200m men’s event during the Golden Gala IAAF Diamond League at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Italy, on 4 June 2015. Lykourgos achieved the 5th best time in 200 meters in 2015 worldwide, running the distance in just over 20 seconds.

Lykourgos participated in the 15th World Championships in Athletics of 2015 in Beijing and the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.