• Our People

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has been founded and is currently run by an expert management team with vast international experience and deep technological knowledge.

The group has expanded through organic growth by recruiting and retaining highly educated and specialised engineers, who build a unique experience through the implementation of technologically advanced IT projects at an international level.

The group maintains a team of experts having specialised knowledge in handling government accounts, in addressing the business logic and processes of the public sector and in implementing e-government projects; all this in a variety of national and international, cultural and linguistic environments.

The group has a multinational, multicultural and multilingual staff, and relies on a robust methodology allowing it to offer its services internationally, in-line with the particularities and specificities of every client. Although EUROPEAN DYNAMICS uses the English language in many cases, it also provides services in Dutch, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, etc.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS recruits internationally high level experts to support its growth, offering important career opportunities.

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