The Scottish Government awards EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a framework contract for application &web development services

The Scottish Government, acting through the Central Government Centre of Procurement Expertise (CGCoPE), appointed EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a three-year framework contract in three lots of the “Applications & Web Development Services”. Through this framework, the Scottish Central Government and Higher and Further Education institutes may acquire a diverse range of services by ED to cover their needs in application and web development, deployment as well as support of legacy systems.

The Framework is available for use by the Scottish Government, its associated Departments, Executive Agencies, Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs), the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB), the Forestry Commission, the Sea Fish Industry Authority, the Student Loans Company Ltd, the Scotland Office Special Health Boards, the Scottish Futures Trust, Business Stream Ltd and APUC Ltd.


UK’s Yorkshire Purchasing Agency (YPO) selects e-PPS for its electronic Sourcing and Public Procurement needs

The Yorkshire Purchasing Agency (YPO), the largest formally constituted local authority purchasing consortium in the UK, selected e-PPS to fulfill its needs for electronic tendering, evaluation and awarding, as well as contract and vendor management. ED offers e-PPS as a managed service (SaaS) also providing secure hosting, user training and helpdesk activities.




EUROPEAN DYNAMICS won a 6.8 million EURO contract from the European Railway Agency

The total value of the signed contract amounts up to 6.8 million EURO, to be implemented over a period of 4 years. The projects that will be implemented in the context of the 6 Lots of the contract involve the adaptation and the integration of existing ERA systems and products as well as the development of new applications and tools for supporting ERA business functions.

The Belgian Ministry of Finances chooses EUROPEAN DYNAMICS for the development of the REEVA application for the management of its recruitment plan

The Belgian Ministry of Finances awarded EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a contract for the development of the REEVA application for the management of its recruitment plan. The objective of this application is to support and follow up the execution of the personnel plan as well as manage recruitment reserves.

This application will permit the Ministry of Finance to consult the detailed recruitment plan et follow up its execution, to collect and manage the needs of different departments, to monitor the implementation of the recruitment plan, and produce reports and statistics.


The UK Parliament appoints EUROPEAN DYNAMICS as an ICT development framework contractor

The UK Parliament awarded EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a two-year framework contract for the provision of software development services to cover the needs of the House of Commons and House of Lords.

PICT (Parliamentary Information & Communications Technology) is a joint department of the administration of each House, providing ICT services to both Houses of the Parliament.

Through the framework contract, ED shall be invited to provide PICT with services in the field of web application development.




EUROPEAN DYNAMICS participates for the third consecutive year to the JOBDAY EUROPE event in Brussels on October 2nd, 2010. We currently have several openings internationally seeking for strong candidates who would be interested to join our international team of experts, working on challenging projects in Brussels and in several other locations in the EU. During the event, candidates will have the opportunity to present themselves and introduce their CV and skills to representatives of EUROPEAN DYNAMICS. More information regarding the event can be found in the event’s Website.


The Ministry of Finance of Malta awarded a € 2 million contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS

The Maltese Ministry of Finance awarded a € 2 million 2-year contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS concerning the installation of an EMCS application for its Customs and the provision of operational support services.

The EMCS application of EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is one of the available vertical applications in the field of Customs based on ECDP (European Customs Dynamic Platform), a cutting edge Customs Applications platform of EUROPEAN DYNAMICS.

ECDP addresses in an optimal manner the full spectrum of the needs of Customs administrations in the EU.

The EMCS application was successfully deployed in Malta and is operational since April 2010 in full FS1 mode. A complex, highly available hardware installation, including a primary and disaster recovery site, was also delivered in the context of the contract.

Transport for London (TfL) selects e-PPS for its electronic Public Procurement needs

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS offers e-PPS (TfL e-Tendering) as a managed service (SaaS) fulfilling the needs of Transport for London in electronic tendering, evaluation and awarding, contract and vendor management. The company will also provide user training and helpdesk activities.

Transport for London (TfL) awarded to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a 4-year contract for the provision of its e-PPS e-procurement platform covering TfL’s procurement and contract management needs. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS will deploy its e-PPS Electronic Procurement System as a managed service (SaaS) fulfilling the needs of TfL for electronic tendering, evaluation, contract and vendor management. User training to over 70 procurement officers and 1st/2nd helpdesk activities are also provided.

Republic of Armenia selects EUROPEAN DYNAMICS and e-PPS for the national electronic Public Procurement

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS won through an international competition a contract to implement an IT system based on e-PPS to cover the needs of the Republic of Armenia in electronic tendering and evaluation, as well as vendor management.

The services provided by EUROPEAN DYNAMICS under the contract cover the provision of the Armenian e-Procurement system (ARMEPS) which supports the Republic of Armenia’s procurement activities of the public sector. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS’ e-PPS platform implements the most modern legislative provisions in Europe and internationally in the field of public procurement. e-PPS is localised to support the Armenian language, as well as English.

e-PPS for Germany

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS localised its e-PPS based e-procurement and e-awarding solution for Germany. e-PPS now fully covers the needs of the German market.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS’ e-procurement and e-awarding solution is based on e-PPS, the leading e-procurement platform in the EU. E-PPS which is already in use in several member states of the European Union, now fully conforms to the needs of the German market. The integrated e-procurement solution e-PPS complies entirely with the German public procurement law, according to VOL, VOB and VOF. It supports all national and EU procedure types, Lots and Variants, Framework agreements, GAEB, etc. Moreover, the system covers all procurement steps throughout a procurement cycle and it informs the participating users about their pending tasks.

e-PPS is offered in two ways:

  • as a System, ready to be installed at the client premises,
  • as a service (SaaS), where contracting authorities and economic operators can gain access to the system through a secured access over the internet.

Download the e-PPS Brochure for Germany