A consortium led by EUROPEAN DYNAMICS LUXEMBOURG SA was awarded a 5 years contract of a value of Euro 96 million

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS LUXEMBOURG SA was awarded a major contract by the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD) of the European Commission concerning the provision of IT consultancy services in the fields of Customs, Excise and Taxation.

The contract concerns the provision of consulting services in business, technical and project related activities for current and future IT projects and operations of DG TAXUD.The contract will be delivered by consultants of various profiles (project managers, IT architects, business analysts, IT security experts, etc.).

This contract is of particular importance in view of the entry into force of the Union Customs Code (UCC) in the coming years and the impact of a potential Brexit in the internal market of the European Union.

e-Procurement: ESPD in Malta

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) was contracted by the Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) to design, develop and implement ESPD in Malta in collaboration with the Department of Contracts of the Ministry of Finance of Malta (MFIN).

ED implements an electronic ESPD service in the eProcurement platform of Malta (also delivered and operated by ED) and integrates it with the e-Certis online service and with national registers (Inland Revenue, the VAT and the Customs Departments) in order to simplify the certificate collection process. Targeted dissemination activities will be performed to reinforce the uptake of the new services by contracting authorities and economic operators.


EMSA assigns a new project to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS

EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) assigned a new contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) concerning the development, maintenance and enhancement services for existing and new Corporate IT Applications based on Microsoft technology. The duration of the contract is four years. The applications concerned are human resources management, procurement, finance, budget planning and monitoring.

New contract for the Customs Department of Malta

The Customs Department of Malta awarded to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) a contract, concerning the new Customs Decisions and Authorisations System.

The system will dematerialise all the current manual application forms in use throughout the Customs Department, automate and streamline the form application process, preserve records permanently in electronic format while achieving transparency, accountability and control of the creation and growth of paper records.

ESMA, ERA and EBA awarded an IT services contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS

ESMA, ERA and EBA awarded an IT services framework contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED). The contract concerns the delivery of IT consulting services in a wide area of specialisations, supporting the operation of three key Agencies of the EU.

ED provides already for more than 10 years services to all these three critical Agencies. Among other things, ED designed, developed and maintains the MIFID and now MIFID II systems. In addition ED developed and supports EBA’s Internet site and every year takes care of the publication of the stress tests in the banking sector conducted by EBA.

Bangladeshi government officials praise Tanzania’s procurement system

A delegation of senior government officers from Bangladesh visited Tanzania’s Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) in Dar es Salaam.

A delegation of senior government officers from Bangladesh visited Tanzania’s Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) in Dar es Salaam. PPRA presented to them the recently launched Tanzania National E-Procurement System (Taneps) that supports the entire public procurement cycle form planning to contract management.

The director general of Bangladeshi’s central procurement technical unit (CPTU), Mr. Md Faruque Hossain, stated the following: “The public procurement model in Tanzania is superb because it has integrated all key stakeholders in public procurement within the Tanzania National E- Procurement System [Taneps], whereas they have different functions and operate under different methodologies”, noting that the system makes it easy for the Government to get value for money.

Taneps is based on ePPS, the leading e-procurement platform of EUROPEAN DYNAMICS.

Detailed information can be found here.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS to deliver the Land Registry system of Malta

The Ministry for Transport Infrastructure and Capital Projects of Malta awarded an important contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS concerning the design, development, implementation, operation and maintenance of the national Land Registry system of Malta.

The new Land Registry system will manage land property information, including workflow management, document management, reporting, security, audit, GIS and other strategic functionalities.

The system will be accessible by customers of the Ministry, notaries, architects, and other government officials.


The Irish Customs purchased a new UCC compliant e-Customs system

The Revenues Commissioner / Irish Customs awarded to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) a major contract, concerning the design, development and maintenance of a modern e-Customs system, based on ED’s ECDP (European Customs Dynamic Platform).

ED will deliver a modern system, based on state of the art technologies, covering all the Customs related areas. These include Import, Export, Transit, Excise, Tariffs, Risk Management, etc. The contract has a duration of 10 years. ED will deliver all the systems, which will be integrated with a wide range of national or international applications. Furthermore, ED will deliver testing, user training and deployment of the system into production.

ED’s involvement in this project confirms the leading position of the company in e-Customs systems.

Case Management system for the Court of Justice in Malta

The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) awarded a contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED), concerning the delivery of a Case Management system for the Court of Justice.

ED will design from ground up, develop, operate and maintain an extensible case management system that will provide a range of electronic services. Apart from an online case file, the system will provide facilities for manual digitisation of paper documents to complement online submissions, allowing the Courts to complement the electronic case file.

The new case management system will offer electronic access to case management information, thus allowing registered and authorised users to work from outside of the confines of the courts buildings and court registry hours. The project serves the objectives of better visibility of case information and ultimately promotes even greater transparency of the Justice system.

ED is a leader internationally in the design of similar systems for the judiciary and/or for Regulatory administrations in the field of the protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS was awarded a contract in the field of Border and External Security

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS BELGIUM SA participates in a consortium implementing a Horizon 2020 funded research and development project in the field of “Border and External Security”, titled TRESSPASS (Robust Risk-based Screening and Alert System for Passengers and Luggage).

TRESSPASS project includes air, maritime and land (including car and train) border crossing points, as well as travel routes that combine different modalities, and aims to develop a single cohesive risk-based border management concept by developing three pivoting pilot demonstrators and demonstrating the validity of the single cohesive risk-based border management concept by using red teaming and simulations. European Dynamics will implement the Dynamic Risk Assessment System module which will act as an “automated decision-maker” on the data extracted during the TRESSPASS procedure, as well as the integrator of the overall solution.

The consortium includes 22 leading international organizations and has an overall budget of EURO 7.9 M.