EUROPEAN DYNAMICS wins a major Digital Transformation contract

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) has been awarded a Euro 19.3 million contract to provide managed service offerings, including setup, development, maintenance, and support for the ESAP initiative on behalf of the European Commission’s DG DIGIT and FISMA and ESMA. Through the ESAP service, ED will drive digital transformation by supporting, maintaining, and further developing a wide range of critical IT systems, providing EU-wide access to regulatory information, and supporting crucial areas, such as financial services, capital markets, sustainability, and workplace diversity and inclusion.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS social responsibility plan 2024


Our group sponsors proudly the activities of the Philhellenism Museum and the Society for Hellenism and Philhellenism (SHP), internationally. During 2024, EUROPEAN DYNAMICS sponsors the following:

  1. The Early Career Fellowship in Philhellenism by the Harvard University and the SHP.
  2. Τhe actions of the SHP and the Philhellenism Museum to celebrate “2024 – Year of Lord Byron and Philhellenism”.
  3. The international Lord Byron Prize awarded by SHP and the Academy of Athens.

European Dynamics Joins Voxxed Days Thessaloniki for a Day of Innovation

We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that European Dynamics will be taking part in Voxxed Days Thessaloniki! This upcoming event is set to bring together a diverse array of brilliant minds, passionate tech enthusiasts, and potential future team members. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss, as it promises to be a catalyst for advancing your career and expanding your knowledge.

Event Information:

Don’t pass up the chance to join us at Voxxed Days Thessaloniki. This event will be the perfect platform for forging meaningful connections and driving innovation to new heights!

Career Days 2023 organized by

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is pleased to announce its participation in Career Days, a networking and recruiting event organized by

Event Details:
Dates: October 21-22
Location: Technopolis City of Athens

Career Days is a premier event that brings together top talent and leading companies for networking and career opportunities.

Here’s what you need to know:

Explore New Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals and explore potential career opportunities.
Networking: Expand your professional network and engage with like-minded individuals.
Learn from Industry Leaders: Gain valuable insights into industry trends and job market dynamics.
Discover EUROPEAN DYNAMICS: Learn how you can become part of our innovative and dynamic organization.

For more information and to enroll, click here.


EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has been awarded a contract to implement the e-Procurement Solution for the government of Peru

The government of Peru decided to automate its procurement planning, sourcing and contract management systems. Through an international competition, the Supervisory Agency for State Procurement (Organismo Supervisor de las Contrataciones del Estado – OSCE) assigned to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) the implementation of an e-Procurement System to enhance the government’s capacity in undertaking procurement processes for goods, works and services, consultancy services and non-consultancy services efficiently. The System will also improve information sharing of OSCE by supporting suppliers to identify opportunities and participate in tenders at lower cost. The solution is based on ED’s ePPS family of procurement products and services.

Number of staff of the EUROPEAN DYNAMICS group exceeds 1000!

Our group grows very fast! We offer high tech, innovative products and services to the public and government sector internationally, in 4 continents and over 40 countries. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS will further expand and it is in the process of recruiting around the world, over 300 IT experts of different levels and job descriptions.

You may find all our job openings here.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has been awarded a Euro 46 million contract by ESMA, EIOPA and EBA

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) has been awarded a Euro 46 million contract to provide Application Development, Maintenance and Support for the three EU institutions supervising the operation of the Financial markets and the Banking / Insurance sector in the European Union. ED will support, maintain and further develop a wide range of critical IT systems for the operation of the financial markets in Europe.

ED is participating in a new Horizon Europe project called ENERSHARE

ED is participating in a new Horizon Europe project called ENERSHARE. ENERSHARE will a) deliver a Reference Architecture for a European Energy Data Space, which hybridizes SGAM with IDSA and GAIA-X architectures, by bringing data value chain perspective into the energy one b) evolve interoperability, trust, data value and governance building blocks to IDSA-compliant ones. ED is actively involved in the project by leading the integration WP and other related tasks and activities. The project recently held its Kick-off meeting, in Rome on July 7th and 8th, where ED was present. The project activities have been successfully initiated and we are looking forward to all upcoming developments.

The FLEXITRANSTORE project, which ED has successfully been running and coordinating during the last 4.5 years has reached its end.

The FLEXITRANSTORE project, which ED has successfully been running and coordinating during the last 4.5 years has reached its end. All project activities have been finalized and the final project review by the EC took place in Brussels on July 13th. The project received a positive feedback by the reviewers. Significant impact towards the goals of the European Union has been achieved having offered solutions and insight into the unleashing of flexibility at transmission and distribution grids and having established innovative business models and market designs for flexibility.


EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is now part of the ASSURE project, which will assess and mitigate the effects of wind-turbine generated electromagnetic wave scattering.

The ASSURE project was launched on August 2021 and has received funding from the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) 2014-2020. ASSURE’s vision is to facilitate faster licensing and installation of wind farms, while laying the foundations for wider deployment. This will be achieved through the development of new, improved algorithms and “suppression / mitigation” technologies for the EM scattering and clutter phenomena, caused by the rotational movement of the fins of wind turbines. It will combine the analysis of electromagnetic scattering with signal processing technologies, use of optimization criteria and modern machine learning techniques. As a result, the licensing of wind farms by the public authorities will be facilitated by examining applications more quickly. Furthermore, the installation of wind farms close to the radar observation fields will be possible, with benefits for the wind energy companies as well.

To enable and realize the proposed vision, ASSURE will design, develop and evaluate a novel, reliable software tool, that will operate as an accurate simulator, able to determine the scattering effects of electromagnetic waves on surveillance radars, due to the presence of wind turbines in the vicinity. The tool will accurately assess the adverse effects of wind turbines on radar of various types, creating a precise and systematic model of the relevant effects, taking into account the characteristics of radars and wind turbines, ground relief, as well as characteristics of scattering targets, thus enabling the setting of ban zones.