Case Management system for the Court of Justice in Malta

The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) awarded a contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED), concerning the delivery of a Case Management system for the Court of Justice.

ED will design from ground up, develop, operate and maintain an extensible case management system that will provide a range of electronic services. Apart from an online case file, the system will provide facilities for manual digitisation of paper documents to complement online submissions, allowing the Courts to complement the electronic case file.

The new case management system will offer electronic access to case management information, thus allowing registered and authorised users to work from outside of the confines of the courts buildings and court registry hours. The project serves the objectives of better visibility of case information and ultimately promotes even greater transparency of the Justice system.

ED is a leader internationally in the design of similar systems for the judiciary and/or for Regulatory administrations in the field of the protection of Intellectual Property Rights.