• Recruitment services

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS’s IT recruitment service engages talented and qualified professionals across all Information Technology and Information Communication domain fields. Our specialised team uses advanced processes to recruit staff for all companies of the EUROPEAN DYNAMICS Group and their various departments. It also recruits experts and builds teams of experts for its own needs and for its clients worldwide. All recruited staff is deployed within the company’s premises or on-site at our clients’ premises. The European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament, several European Agencies around Europe, etc. are some examples of our clients who use staff recruited and managed by EUROPEAN DYNAMICS.

Our main aim is to work with various candidates and clients in order to provide top-quality recruitment solutions in a quick, effective and professional manner. The high number of positions and multilingual / multidisciplinary experts we coordinate, enables us to find the appropriate candidate for each job in a streamlined and efficient manner. Ultimately, our main goal is to offer services of the highest quality to our clients, while deploying the most appropriate persons, able to undertake critical missions in a multicultural and international environment. Our experts are rewarded with competitive remuneration, optimum working conditions and continuous training.

In brief, the company’s recruitment process includes the following steps:

  1. Our job openings are advertised in a wide range of specialised job boards and social media worldwide.
  2. Candidates are identified through various online platforms, job fairs and dedicated events.
  3. Candidacies are managed through a dedicated Applicant Tracking System (ATS), tailored to the specific needs of our projects and clients.
  4. Recruitment experts continuously review candidates according to their skills and qualifications to select the most suitable match for current job vacancies and future prospective opportunities.
  5. Interviews of pre-selected candidates are initially carried out over the phone and are then followed-up face-to-face (in as many rounds as necessary, depending on the profile of each vacancy) and/or via online real time means.
  6. Every aspect of Candidates skills and personality are assessed (personal traits, technical skills, linguistic skills, etc.) during the interviews and through online testing systems. The selection process is tailor-made and always explained to candidates during their first telephone interview.
  7. Successful candidates are expected to present their CV using a specific template that fully respects client’s requirements.
  8. Unsuccessful candidates are informed of the reasons for which their application will not be matched with a particular position. Candidates are informed periodically regarding future opportunities that may arise, for which their CVs may be considered.
  9. The remuneration and contractual terms and conditions are reviewed and fully agreed with successful candidates, prior to their inclusion in any project undertaken by the company on behalf of its clients.
  10. In cases where the candidates will join teams at our clients’ premises, the selection process will also include candidate presentations. If this stage of the selection process is necessary, candidates are required to confirm their desire to participate to a follow-up interview with our clients. All necessary arrangements are handled by our company.

As an organisation that combines a multinational dimension with a multicultural working environment, we constantly monitor and remain abreast of the many changes in today’s talent market, offering international careers to candidates, while continuously extending our services internationally.

Our team comprises experienced and fully dedicated recruitment experts as well as talent management and development personnel, who apply their expertise and use both traditional and online means to:

  • Identify and match potential candidates to fulfil diverse job requirements.
  • Develop personal relationships with successful applicants including:
    • Relocation support;
    • Provision of assistance with legal paperwork (work permits, travel visas, etc.);
    • Tailored training programme;
    • Opportunities for career progression.