A Consortium led by EUROPEAN DYNAMICS SA was awarded a EURO 8.9 million R&D contract

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS SA led consortium was awarded a EURO 8.9 million R&D contract.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS SA, the Greek company of the group, was awarded the HORSE R&D contract under Horizon 2020 (i.e. the I4MS initiative – i4ms.eu). HORSE is a smart integrated Robotics system for SMEs controlled by dynamic manufacturing processes. based on Internet of Things.

The project includes 15 leading international organisations and has an overall budget of EURO 8.9 M. HORSE aims at providing robotics assistance to improve operators conditions of work, improve safety of working conditions and at the same time to enable gains in quality and production effectiveness. The HORSE project will address numerous manufacturing applications with application experiments in 3 pilot factories. More application experiments will be selected with an open call in the course of the project.
See www.horse-project.eu.