The Ministry of Taxation of Denmark has awarded EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a 10-year contract for the implementation and operations of its new Customs Control and Reporting System

The Danish Agency for Development and Simplification (UFST), a member of the Ministry of Taxation Group, is replacing all its Customs Systems under the EU ICS2 (Import Control System 2) initiative.

A cornerstone of the Danish ICS2 landscape is the Control and Reporting System (CRS-KRIA in Danish) which has been assigned to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS by UFST for its multi-release customization, implementation, operations, support and maintenance over a 10-year term.

KRIA’s main functionality is to enable Custom Officers to monitor ICS2 business processes and, through an advanced case management system, to perform daily tasks, such as to monitor customs transactions, execute controls, manually assess risks, interact with external systems and more.

Furthermore EUROPEAN DYNAMICS, under the same contract, implements the ICS2 Gateway, responsible for integrating KRIA with a number of external systems including the EU ICS2 Common Repository and Manifest.

The Solutions being implemented for UFST are based on EUROPEAN DYNAMICS’ e-Customs Platform ECDP (European Customs Dynamic Platform) and in particular the ECDP-CMS (Case Management System) and ECDP-CCN-Broker (Gateway) modules.

On October 1, 2021, the first release of KRIA and ICS2 Gateway were successfully launched and are currently being used by the Danish Customs Agency (TOLDST) Officers for monitoring, controlling and reporting risks of postal and courier items arriving by air from outside the EU.