EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is now part of the BD4NRG R&D project which will exploit the potential of big data

The BD4NRG project was launched on January 2021 and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. BD4NRG vision is to unlock and exploit the economic potential of big data to enable improved operation for all the stakeholders in the energy value chain. This will be achieved through creating and deploying an elastic energy analytics reference framework, which includes a high-velocity flexible elastic data capture and management optimized stack coupled with effective near real time cross-domain and cross-stakeholder reusable data analytics specifically tailored to the extreme-scale smart energy grids environments.

To enable and realize the proposed vision, BD4NRG will develop, adapt, deliver and deploy a distributed big data energy analytics loosely-connected interoperable reference framework (BD4NRG Framework). Therefore, BD4NRG will enable a paradigm shift from a traditional linear generation-consumption towards a digital networked value chain, facilitated by the new emerging roles in the energy value chain. Moreover, BD4NRG will provide an architecture that can integrate the main tools, standards and data for the power system network operators, other non-energy service providers and the consumers.