EUROPEAN DYNAMICS BELGIUM was awarded a contract in the field of Border and External Security

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS BELGIUM SA participates in a consortium implementing a Horizon 2020 funded research and development project in the field of “Border and External Security”, titled FOLDOUT (Through-foliage detection, including in the outermost regions of the EU).

FOLDOUT focus is on through foliage detection in the inner and outermost regions of the EU, as foliage penetration is an unsolved important part of border surveillance. The project will build a system that combines various sensors and technologies and intelligently fuses these into an effective and robust intelligent detection platform. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is the integrator of the overall solution whereas it will implement the Command and Control system, as a powerful tool providing fundamental enhancements in the domain of border surveillance and search & rescue scenarios.

The consortium includes 19 leading international organizations and has an overall budget of EURO 8.2 M.