Introductory, Angular & Springboot trainings

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) invests systematically in the training & development of its personnel. Among others, ED offers training for small groups customized in 3 different sessions.
1st session: New colleagues attend an introductory training on all basic things they need to know working in ED’s international projects.
2nd session: Front-end developers working in Angular projects have the opportunity to be trained on the latest version of Angular.
3rd session: Back-end developers working in Springboot projects have the opportunity to be trained on the latest version of Springboot.

All colleagues will have the opportunity to practice new knowledge by participating in Workshops and Hackathlons.

Developers Day

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) will participate again to the Kariera Developers Day 2018 (part 2), which will take place on 01/12/2018 at Dais Cultural & Athletic Centre in Athens.

ED uses these opportunities to meet with developers and discuss with them a wide range of challenging career paths that a leading IT company can offer internationally.

Voxxed days 19-20/11/2018

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) once again supported and promoted the Voxxed day’s developer-oriented event in Thessaloniki, at Ioannis Vellidis congress center, as a Gold sponsor. The event took place on 19 and 20 November 2018 and offered a unique opportunity for networking with ambitious professionals who are ready to engineer, innovate, excite!

Voxxed Days Thessaloniki

The Irish Customs purchased a new UCC compliant e-Customs system

The Revenues Commissioner / Irish Customs awarded to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) a major contract, concerning the design, development and maintenance of a modern e-Customs system, based on ED’s ECDP (European Customs Dynamic Platform).

ED will deliver a modern system, based on state of the art technologies, covering all the Customs related areas. These include Import, Export, Transit, Excise, Tariffs, Risk Management, etc. The contract has a duration of 10 years. ED will deliver all the systems, which will be integrated with a wide range of national or international applications. Furthermore, ED will deliver testing, user training and deployment of the system into production.

ED’s involvement in this project confirms the leading position of the company in e-Customs systems.