Transport for London (TfL) selects e-PPS for its electronic Public Procurement needs

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS offers e-PPS (TfL e-Tendering) as a managed service (SaaS) fulfilling the needs of Transport for London in electronic tendering, evaluation and awarding, contract and vendor management. The company will also provide user training and helpdesk activities.

Transport for London (TfL) awarded to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a 4-year contract for the provision of its e-PPS e-procurement platform covering TfL’s procurement and contract management needs. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS will deploy its e-PPS Electronic Procurement System as a managed service (SaaS) fulfilling the needs of TfL for electronic tendering, evaluation, contract and vendor management. User training to over 70 procurement officers and 1st/2nd helpdesk activities are also provided.

Republic of Armenia selects EUROPEAN DYNAMICS and e-PPS for the national electronic Public Procurement

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS won through an international competition a contract to implement an IT system based on e-PPS to cover the needs of the Republic of Armenia in electronic tendering and evaluation, as well as vendor management.

The services provided by EUROPEAN DYNAMICS under the contract cover the provision of the Armenian e-Procurement system (ARMEPS) which supports the Republic of Armenia’s procurement activities of the public sector. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS’ e-PPS platform implements the most modern legislative provisions in Europe and internationally in the field of public procurement. e-PPS is localised to support the Armenian language, as well as English.