e-PPS for Germany

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS localised its e-PPS based e-procurement and e-awarding solution for Germany. e-PPS now fully covers the needs of the German market.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS’ e-procurement and e-awarding solution is based on e-PPS, the leading e-procurement platform in the EU. E-PPS which is already in use in several member states of the European Union, now fully conforms to the needs of the German market. The integrated e-procurement solution e-PPS complies entirely with the German public procurement law, according to VOL, VOB and VOF. It supports all national and EU procedure types, Lots and Variants, Framework agreements, GAEB, etc. Moreover, the system covers all procurement steps throughout a procurement cycle and it informs the participating users about their pending tasks.

e-PPS is offered in two ways:

  • as a System, ready to be installed at the client premises,
  • as a service (SaaS), where contracting authorities and economic operators can gain access to the system through a secured access over the internet.

Download the e-PPS Brochure for Germany


The Ministry for Finance of Denmark (SKAT) awarded a € 6 million contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS

The Ministry for Finance of Denmark (SKAT) awarded a € 6 million 5-year contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS concerning the development, installation and operation of the EMCS platform for its Customs. The proposed solution relies on EUROPEAN DYNAMICS’ ECDP (European Customs Dynamic Platform). ECDP addresses in an optimal manner the full spectrum of the needs of Customs administrations in the EU.

The government of Belgium (SPF P&O) selects e-PPS for its e-Awarding and e-Auction needs

The Federal Public Service Personnel and Organisation (SPF P&O) of Belgium awarded to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a 4-year contract for the provision of the e-PPS platform for conducting its e-Awarding and e-Auction procedures. User training is also provided.