INTRASTAT system for the Ministry of Finance in Bulgaria

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS delivered successfully in 2008 a complex IT system supporting the creation and processing of INTRASTAT forms, in Bulgaria.

The INTRASTAT system implements the entire process flow of the Ministry\’s INTRASTAT Directorate. It provides offline and online tools for economic operators creating and managing their INTRASTAT declarations, concerning their intra-community commercial transactions.

Furthermore, it supports the online processing of the submitted declarations and their validation according to pre-defined rules. It also generates exportable reports for the NSI (National Statistics Institute) through its administrative tool.

Major IT application for the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Tunisia

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is implementing a major and complex IT project in Tunisia. The objective of the project is the design and development of IT applications, so that all the functions of the Ministry and the civil, penal, and real estate Courts of Tunisia are automated.