PRADO: Do you have to check identity documents?

Successful launch of PRADO in December 2007

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) implemented the Public Register of Authentic Identity and Travel Documents Online (PRADO) for the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union (GSC).

PRADO is a publicly available multilingual site (22 EU languages), offering easy access to official information on security features of authentic identity and travel documents, as well as visas and stamps. The site contains images and multilingual summary information on some of the most commonly used identity documents of the 27 EU Member States and some third countries. Users may find a full description of the most important and the easily-checkable security features of these documents, like watermarks, security threads and more.

The system guarantees the highest possible level of quality and reliability as it is regularly updated with valuable information from FADO (False and Authentic Documents Online); a central system for the exchange of information on travel identity documents between the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. PRADO is addressed to the general public as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations, including employers, postal services, banks and credit institutions, security companies, vehicle hire agencies, notaries, etc.

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CY: 1st Info Day on the e-Procurement application of the Republic of Cyprus

The Public Procurement Directorate (PPD) of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus is the organiser of the 1st information Day in the context of the implementation of the general platform for conducting public procurement competitions in Cyprus, using electronic means.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS will appoint three keynote speakers of the Information Day to present the CY e-Procurement system.

The Information Day will focus on the following issues:

  • Migration of public procurement practices towards the electronic era;
  • The e-Procurement application of the Republic, its features and the expected outcome for the public sector;
  • Expected and promoted benefits introduced through the adoption of e-Procurement.

Participants will include representatives of most of the Contracting Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus (approx. 300 persons).

The event will take place on 19 June 2008 (08:30 – 13:30), at the PASYDY Amphitheatre, 3 Dimosthenis Severis Av., Nicosia.

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