Global e-Procurement application for the Republic of Cyprus

The Public Procurement Directorate (PPD) of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus awarded a contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS for the implementation of an electronic public procurement application for the whole public sector in Cyprus.

The project aims at the deployment of a state-of-the-art, web-based, e-Procurement system, based on EUROPEAN DYNAMICS’ e-PPS platform. e-PPS is the leading international product in the field of e-procurement fully exploiting the efficiencies that the use of electronic means can offer to the government and public sector.

e-PPS platform will provide advanced functionality for all the phases of public procurement, comprising e-Registration, e-Notification, e-Preparation of Calls for Tenders, e-Tendering, e-Awarding, e-Statistics, etc. Furthermore, the system will support the use of e-Auctions, used as an extension to the e-Awarding module.

The system will support Open, Restricted and Negotiated procedures, as well as procedures involving a Competitive Dialogue. In addition, it will support repetitive purchases through Framework Agreements, as well as the Simplified Procedure for low-value contracts, as prescribed under the national law of the Republic of Cyprus on public procurement [N.12(I)/2006].

Significant consideration is assigned to the non-functional aspects of the e-Procurement system, and especially to those that can guarantee adherence to the core principles of the EU Directives on security, equal treatment and non-discrimination.

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