REPORTNET: IT services for the European Environment Agency

Athens, September 5, 2005: REPORTNET: IT services for the European Environment Agency

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has been awarded a contract to supply software development services to design, build, test and deploy a number of IT applications to support the development of REPORTNET and the European Environmental Information Systems (EEIS).  Prototyping software will be demonstrated during the 19th International Conference ( – Informatics for Environmental Protection in 7-9 September 2005 at Brno, Czech Republic.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) mission is to develop the REPORTNET suite of IT tools to support European Environmental reporting. The main objective of the work of EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is the development of some critical tools that will improve the reporting efficiency, as well as the quality, transparency, availability of reported information and facilitate the standardisation and reporting discipline. The developed IT applications and their content will be aligned with the REPORTNET and EEIS concepts and support the key entities of the EEIS. These include among others the EEA in Denmark, all the EEA Member Countries and the DG Environment of the European Commission.

Four integrative web enabled and standalone software modules have been designed and developed including interfacing with databases, legacy systems and complex heterogeneous data, handled through extensive use of the latest stable versions (approved by W3C) of standards like XML, XSL, RSS/RDF, XHTML and CSS. Software programming is based on J2EE and Open Source software architectures.

Mr. Stefan Jensen, Project Manager of the EEA expressed his satisfaction with the project progress so far and indicated that the developed software tools will significantly improve the efficiency of the European Environmental reporting.