Athens, January 31, 2005: EUROPEAN DYNAMICS undertook a new project in Georgia for the General Prosecutor’s Office

The project concerns the implementation of an IT system to support the basic internal administrative processes of the Procuracy Office in Georgia. The system will address a wide spectrum of knowledge, document and workflow management requirements of the Procuracy Office. Once delivered and put in place, the system will enable the implementation of a modern and efficient judicial system in Georgia. This project is the first major e-government pilot in Georgia.

The system is based on modern and state of the art technologies. ED will implement the system with its Open Source Software e-collaboration platform MERMIG ( With this contract, ED enters into the IT market of Georgia and will capitalise on this opportunity to expand its presence in the broader region.

ED is a major supplier of IT applications and software services for a wide spectrum of government and public sector organisations in many EU countries. ED is also one of the biggest suppliers of IT services of the European Commission and many other international organisations. The company has a strong international orientation. Over 90% of its turnover comes from its international activity.

The Managing Director of EUROPEAN DYNAMICS participates in the commercial delegation, which accompanies the President of the Hellenic Republic in his official visit in Belgium (1-3 February 2005).