New International Recognition for EUROPEAN DYNAMICS 

Athens, August 5, 2004: New International Recognition for EUROPEAN DYNAMICS

The European Commission (EC) funded R& D project (project acronym: ICTE-PAN) of EUROPEAN DYNAMICS, has been announced by the EC as the project of the month.

ICTE-PAN is a major e-collaboration and knowledge management application in the field of e-government. The application is based on the company platform MERMIG (

ICTE-PAN e-Government R& D project of the month August 2004

ICTE-PAN (Methodologies and Tools for Building Intelligent Collaboration and Transaction Environments in Public Administration Networks) has been selected as e-Government R& D project of the month August 2004.

This reward proves the successful path followed in the project during the last 3 years, resulting to the generation of an innovative process modelling methodology and of three distinct software products (Open-Source Software Applications), as outlined in the following:

* PA-OMIM is a Process Modelling methodology following the WfMC specifications and offering to Administrators the capability to describe all the necessary parameters of the business process in the required format, mainly referring to the modelling of multi-participant collaborative activities. Such description is then used for automating the configuration and customisation of the MERMIG Platform modules.
* The Dynamic Model Generator (DMG) constitutes a Workflow Process design application, used for the modelling, parameterisation, and deployment of PA Processes to the workflow engine, embedded in the MERMIG collaboration platform. DMG employs the XPDL standard and the WfMC specifications, as a common (thus interoperable) exchange format for transferring workflow process definitions.
* The ICTE-PAN Collaboration Platform, where EUROPEAN DYNAMICSʼ MERMIG ( provides the core e-Government collaboration functionalities. Apart from basic services such as document management, asynchronous and synchronous communication means (forum, email, chat) and search engines, the platform provides the appropriate tools to manage (complex) workflow processes created in DMG and uploaded to the platform, using a workflow engine. The platform is entirely configurable and customisable through a complete set of administration services.
* The Web Content Management Tool (WCM) is a web-based application seamlessly integrated with the ICTE-PAN collaboration platform, providing tools and support for Portal and Content management. Its functionality spans from portal structure creation and content population to efficient portal deployment and operation.

Practical implementation

ICTE-PAN offers practical solutions to European public administrations, allowing them to re-design and fully automate existing e-Government processes. The primary objective of the ICTE-PAN consortium is to provide at the end of the project a product that will be distributed to public administrations throughout Europe, free of any charge, while necessary customisations and localisations, further extensions, additional functionality and APIs to interface with the existing legacy systems of the administrations will be charged separately.

To support interoperability with heterogeneous PA applications and back-end systems, MERMIG provides the necessary tools and interfaces, comprising APIs via SOAP, XML, multiple ODBC and LDAP connections, and EJBs, and is the resulting from the in-depth experience of EUROPEAN DYNAMICS in developing collaborative tools and environments. In this respect, MERMIG can be used as the front-end and the middle-layer environment for G2G collaboration between administrations, utilising their existing data residing in heterogeneous legacy systems. MERMIG has recently been introduced as the core platform in commercial projects undertaken by European PAs, while further agreements have been made for its exploitation as a communication platform in a number of new IST projects.

Additional information

Further information is available at the MERMIG website ( and the ICTE-PAN website ( explore and experiment with the collaboration functionalities provided by the MERMIG platform, everyone can freely access the “External users demo” public workgroup through

To contact project representatives, please send an e-mail to Dr. Nikitas Tsopelas ( or to Mr. Karel Van Isacker ( can also be contacted via the following address:
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS 209, Kifissias Av. & Arkadiou Str.
151 24 Maroussi, Athens
GREECETEL: 00 30 210 8094 500
FAX: 00 30 210 8094 508