The Electronic Public Procurement System (e-PPS) facilitates the on-line submission of tenders, either through the internet or through an independent, standalone application. The system provides the capability of automatic validation of electronic tenders, in order for the suppliers to receive immediate feedback to their bids.

The e-Tendering system has been accredited as an eSender and provides an automated procedure to publish contract notices in the Official Journal of the EU and other publication boards. Furthermore, it supports easy electronic access to tender documents and clarifications.

Contracting Authorities may:

  • Create and manage tender workspaces;
  • Use a step-by-step tool for creating contract notices ITTs, PQQs, RFIs etc;
  • Automatically publish notices on the Authority’s portal, national gazettes and OJEU;
  • Re-use previous templates;
  • Receive and log expressions of interest from suppliers;
  • Run Mini Competitions and manage Framework Contracts;
  • Run Dynamic Purchasing Systems;
  • Conduct e-Auctions;
  • Communicate with potential suppliers either individual or by broadcast;
  • Develop evaluation criteria, model and strategy either locally or by importing from the e-Notification or e-Tendering module;
  • Assign evaluation weightings;
  • Assign and manage evaluators based on the four-eye principle and the expertise of each officer;
  • Re-use previous evaluation templates;
  • Utilise electronic collaboration between evaluators;
  • Automatically notify the supplier of the winning bid of contract award and inform those that have been unsuccessful;
  • Collaborate with cooperating contracting authorities, if any, for gathering requirements;
  • Utilise a "locked box" facility where tenders cannot be accessed until the deadline has passed;
  • Process the logs to create auditing reports;
  • Manage contracting authorities and users.

Suppliers may:

  • Search for open business opportunities;
  • Express interest in opportunity and automatically receive updates;
  • Contact Contracting Authorities for clarifications;
  • Complete PQQs or ITTs on line, entering information directly into the system;
  • Alternatively download, complete and upload PQQs or ITTs;
  • Re-use response data from previous tenders;
  • Manage organisation users.