e-Contracts Module

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e-Contracts screen

The e-Contracts module is a dynamic subsystem of e-PPS that establishes, manages and monitors contracts, collates bid history, monitors performance against agreed service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) and alerts buyers to key events, such as contract renewal dates.

Contracting Authorities may:

  • Automate the processes associated with establishing contracts with suppliers.
  • Manage the termination, completion and renegotiation of contracts.
  • Monitor supplier performance and compliance with contract terms.
  • Identify any financial penalties levied on suppliers resulting from non-compliance, and lead to more informed tendering decisions for future contracts.
  • Receive alerts ahead of expiry dates for auto-renewal of contracts and eliminate such contracts or re-negotiate their terms.

Suppliers may:

  • This module is only available for Contracting Authorities