e-Catalogues &e-Ordering Module

e-Catalogues &e-Orderinge-Catalogues &e-Orderinge-Contracte-Auctionse-Awardinge-Tenderinge-Notificatione-Attestation

e-Catalogues &e-Ordering screen

The e-Catalogues & e-Ordering module offers a collaborative environment for Contracting Authorities to consult catalogues and place purchase orders and Suppliers to upload their catalogues and manage their dossiers.

Contracting Authorities may:

  • Manage the various catalogues related activities, such as Authorisation, Approval, Translation, etc., following the awarding of a contract to a particular Supplier.
  • Search within the uploaded catalogues for a particular product.
  • Place order on particular products or services.
  • Processing and follow up orders made on particular products, until product delivery to the receiver officer.

Suppliers may:

  • Upload, update and manage catalogues following a contract award.
  • Create product packages which include several products that can be ordered at a single fixed price.
  • Assign user defined e-Catalogue product attributes.
  • Download a Catalogue Preparation Tool to for assistance in their e-Catalogue preparation activities