e-Awarding module

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e-Awarding screen

The e-Awarding module facilitates the opening and evaluation of tenders, in line with the related applicable legal regulations. The evaluation of tenders is achieved with the use of the established methods (Most Economically Advantageous Tender - MEAT or Lowest Price criterion), while the evaluation procedure can include e-Auctions.

Contracting Authorities may:

  • Develop evaluation criteria, model and strategy either locally or by importing from the e-Notification or e-Tendering module
  • Assign evaluation weightings.
  • Assign and manage evaluators based on the four-eye principle and the expertise of each officer.
  • Re-use previous evaluation templates.
  • Utilise electronic collaboration between evaluators.
  • Automatically notify the supplier of the winning bid of contract award and inform those that have been unsuccessful.

Suppliers may:

  • This module is only available for Contracting Authorities