e-Auctions module

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e-Auctions screen

The e-Auctions module facilitates the running of reverse auctions either in conjunction with other modules such as e-Tendering and e-Awarding or as a standalone event. Suppliers submit their improved tenders which are evaluated with the use of the established methods (Most Economically Advantageous Tender - MEAT or Lowest Price criterion).

Contracting Authorities may:

  • Maximise leverage from procurement negotiations by conducting activities online and in a transparent manner
  • Develop evaluation criteria, model and strategy either locally or by importing from the e-Notification or e-Tendering module
  • Carry out test runs of e-Auctions prior to the live e-Auction to ensure that all participating suppliers are fully prepared and capable of carrying out online bidding.
  • Monitor supplier connectivity issues during the live event and act accordingly
  • Broadcast messages to suppliers prior, during and after the auction event

Suppliers may:

  • Submit tenders live and improve their offer during the e-Auction event.
  • Monitor the progress of their bid.
  • Make preparatory arrangements in advance to participate in the e-Auction and familiarise themselves the system
  • Communicate transparently with the e-Auction event manager.