Who benefits?

The need to modernise internationally the procurement procedures has led to the adoption of e-Procurement procedures by the majority of the public organisations.

The e-PPS suite of e-Procurement tools allows the implementation of a wide spectrum of e-Procurement applications for all kind of public organisations such as:

  • European institutions;
  • National public administrations;
  • government agencies;
  • national, regional and local authorities; and
  • non governmental organisations, etc.

In particular, e-PPS is an ideal e-procurement tool for:

Public Administrations

e-Procurement should minimise the time and effort expended by administrations and contracting authorities for organising public procurement competitions.


It will also benefit enterprises keen to trade across borders, by giving them improved and easier access to public procurement opportunities across Europe.


Making procurement procedures available to a larger audience of suppliers enables the public sector to purchase goods and services at more economically advantageous prices. Citizens will have reassurance that their administrations are spending money in a more cost-effective manner.