What is e-Procurement/e-Sourcing?

e-Procurement (i.e. Electronic Procurement), is a web-based, collaborative technology to facilitate the full lifecycle of a tendering process, for both buyers and suppliers, offering a secure interactive, dynamic environment for procurements of any nature, size, complexity or value (above and below OJEU thresholds), enforcing (where appropriate) and encouraging recognised best practices (i.e. gateway reviews, standardised templates, e-Auctions, etc.). e-Procurement includes collaborative technology in support of tendering and contract management activities by enabling geographically dispersed groups of internal stakeholders to share best practices.

What does EUROPEAN DYNAMICS offer?

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is the creator of the Electronic Public Procurement System (e-PPS) suite of procurement tools. e-PPS is an open, secure, interoperable and re-configurable e-Procurement modular platform, addressing the full lifecycle of e-Procurement. The e-PPS platform and its modules attend to the needs of Contracting Authorities in a flexible, efficient and customised manner and are optimally integrated in the IT environment. e-PPS complies with both national and EU legislation on public procurement.


SaaS or Deployed:
e-PPS is provided either as a Software as a Service or as a stand-alone application installed at the customer’s premises.
Help Desk:
Experts are standing by to provide a single, dedicated helpdesk service for fault reporting and advice and guidance on the use of e-PPS.
Training is provided by face-to-face or on-line workshops through the use of interactive and intuitive courses by experts in e-Procurement.
OJS eSender:
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is an OJS e-Sender (Class C and D), appointed by the Office for the Publications Office of the European Union (OP). Through e-PPS, Contracting Authorities can publish transparently all official contract notices directly to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).
Support for all Procurement Procedures:
e-PPS supports "One-off Procurements", such as Open, Restricted, Negotiated, Accelerated and Competitive Dialogue Procedures, as well as "Repetitive Procurements", such as Framework Agreements / Contracts and Dynamic Purchasing Systems.
Secure Environment:
The e-PPS platform ensures the equal treatment of all financial institutions and the transparency of competitions by adopting recognised and acceptable models, related to the protection of sensitive information. e-PPS is in full compliance with ISO 27001 and has received Impact Level 3 accreditation according to the HMG Information Security Standards as well as a UK Pan-Government Accreditation (PGA).

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS' role in the evolution of e-Procurement

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has pioneered e-Procurement by successfully delivering a wide range of international projects since the Public e-Procurement concept was introduced.