G-Cloud Framework

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is a G-Cloud Supplier for the UK Public Sector

Crown Commercial Service Supplier

The UK Government introduced the G Cloud Framework as a vehicle for public sector organisations in the UK to benefit from the advantages that cloud computing can bring

As an accredited G-Cloud Supplier, EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has been offering its products and services since 2013 to esteemed public agencies and organisations such as Transport for London and the Ministry of Defence.

Find EUROPEAN DYNAMICS G-Cloud Services:

Electronic Public Procurement System (e-PPS)

e-PPS is an e-Procurement/e-Sourcing tool designed and developed specifically for Public Authorities and covers the entire procurement cycle and workflow. e-PPS supports all EU and simplified procedures, encrypted tenders, formal opening, online evaluation, e-Auctions, Framework Agreements, DPS and mini competitions, contract notices published online, and OJEU/Contracts Finder as/if required.

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Contract and Project Management System - CPMS

CPMS is a virtual office for modern organisations. It offers a common workspace containing documents, deliverables, communications and procedures towards optimum cooperation. CPMS is tailored to public organisation requirements for contract management and supplier performance, allowing concurrent management of multiple contracts/suppliers. CPMS manages documents, projects, calendars, meetings, KPIs/costs and reporting.

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Collaborative Catalogue Management Service - CCMS

CCMS is a complete collaborative catalogue management system that supports catalogue-based procurement. Suppliers are able to create product/service catalogues linked to contracts. CCMS provides version control and approval processes for catalogues to be validated by the buyers before becoming available for requisitioning.

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Supplier Attestation and Management System – SAMS

SAMS manages supplier profiles. Suppliers provide organisation, product and services information that can be reused in subsequent procurements. SAMS supports multiple profiles per supplier to meet the needs of subscribed buyers. The service offers registration using DUNS numbers; profile management; searching; supplier lists for buyers; "Request to participate" lists.

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