ESPO Framework

ESPO Framework Contract

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has been appointed as a framework contractor in the E-Solutions framework by ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation) which acts on behalf of the Pro5 group of Professional Buying Organisations. The Framework (ESPO Contract 774) is available for use by any local authority or public sector body in the UK.

The framework contract scope is the supply of a variety of web-based, hosted, secure solutions: E-Solutions; E-tendering, E-Contract Management, E-Document Exchange, E-Evaluation, E-Auctions or Whole E-Solutions. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has been selected to provide all solutions (framework lots) either individually or in combination.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS offers an advanced solution and maximum functionality (based on its e-PPS electronic procurement platform), as a managed service for fulfilling the needs of government and public authorities in electronic tendering, evaluation, contract and document exchange management and auctions.

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Kate Shaw, ESPO Group Buyer responsible for the framework said:
“We conducted an extremely thorough evaluation and selection process in tendering and establishing this Framework and were impressed by all successful suppliers’ technical capabilities, service and support offerings. The Framework we have established now makes a variety of E-Solutions available to Pro5 members and other public sector bodies at very competitive rates.”

Contracting Authorities may order through the ESPO 774 Framework Contract the following service elements:

E-Tendering (Lot 1 of the framework):
Electronic means of handling procurement exercises, including but not limited to: tender exercises which run using one of various procedures described in the Public Contract Regulations 2006; tender exercises which are not caught by the Regulations; requests for quotations (RFQs); further competitions which run under existing frameworks.
E-Contract Data Management Solution (Lot 2 of the framework):
Electronic means of monitoring and maintaining records relating to a variety of types of procurement exercises, run using one of the various procedures described in the Public Contracts Regulations 2006; tender exercises which are not caught by the regulations, Requests for Quotations (RFQs) or further competitions under existing Frameworks.
Electronic Document Exchange (Lot 3 of the framework):
An electronic solution which can provide secure, confidential and independent document exchange facilities for teams working on projects, enabling consultation amongst parties. Parties may not all be located in the same building, or even at the same organisation, and the solutions enables working amongst all parties wherever they are located.
Electronic solution which enables members of a procurement process evaluation team, perhaps not all located in the same building, or even organisation, to work together on the same evaluation model or models in making assessments of submissions. This may be the assessment of a variety of submissions which includes but is not limited to Application Forms (Pre-Qualification Questionnaires), Tender documents, Invitations to Submit Outline Proposals, etc.
E-Auctions (Lot 5 of the framework):
A solution which provides unlimited electronic reverse e-auctions, either in conjunction with the other modules or standalone, to a contracting authorit.
Whole E-Solution (Lot 6 of the framework):
Lot for those Customers wishing to procure a solution which provides all of the elements in Lots 1 to 5.

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