Document Management

Document management allows a workgroup to maintain online document libraries. The documents may be of any format, size, and language. It provides the following functionalities:

  • Supports various types of documents
  • Enables the association of specific user roles with a document
  • Enables the document versioning
  • Enables the establishment of dynamic document management workflows

CPMS provides a private work space for each geographically distributed workgroup where access is provided through simple web browsers.

All documents are stored in a hierarchical section structure. Workgroup moderators provide as course or as detailed access rights according to the specific workgroup needs.

CPMS provides a sophisticated search mechanism allowing its users to find any document matching the search criteria, which include also document metadata. In addition, the service provides unique characteristics such as:

  • Matching based on statistical values, access frequency and user profiles
  • Thematic search
  • Customisable presentation of most popular elements