Job Vacancies

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS seeks well educated, flexible, innovative, self-confident and ambitious people who thrive on change and challenge and accept responsibility.  The ideal candidate takes initiative and adapts him/herself to a stimulating international working environment.

We seek leadership traits, excellent communication skills, strong academic performance and relevant professional experience. Previous experience in an international or multicultural environment is very advantageous. EUROPEAN DYNAMICS intentionally recruits people of various nationalities to enable a transfer of experiences and bring people of different origins and cultures together to achieve a common goal. 

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is an equal opportunity employer and applies an Equal Opportunities Policy (EOP). This policy covers all aspects of employment, from advertising of vacancies, selection, recruitment and training to working conditions and reasons for termination of employment.

We offer highly competitive compensation packages and an excellent career development path. Our diverse workforce and multicultural environment helps our employees to find a balance between work and personal life. Our employees are offered continuous learning and opportunities for advancement in a dynamic, professional environment. If you are a motivated, hardworking and career-oriented person, please send your detailed CV and a cover letter with the position reference number to: 

Human Resources Department

All CVs will be treated in strict confidence