EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is a leading supplier of ICT solutions and products in the field of Intellectual Property, in the design and delivery of solutions for national and international trademark and patent offices. These solutions and products consist of integrated e-Business, e-Filing, Back-Office and Workflow Management applications, and innovative services for the management of Intellectual Property (trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyrights).

Description of services and products:

Intellectual Property Management
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS is a leading provider of IT solutions and services for the management of Intellectual Property. It brings together an expertise in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), specialising in the business logic of Intellectual Property systems for strategic clients and providing solutions for the electronic management of copyrights, trademarks, patents and industrial designs, at a National and International level.
e-Business Services
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS designed and implements a complete set of advanced electronic tools and services, thus facilitating towards the shift to the Web of all traditional Intellectual Property operations and transactions between businesses and Intellectual Property organisations.
The e-Business Intellectual Property solutions comprise:
  • e-Filing systems for online registers, supporting high performance, availability and security, and including state of the art business continuity solutions.
  • Search tools that enable distributed searches among complex data-sets and remote hosts.
  • Web-portals and content management systems used as central points for Intellectual Property information exchange.
  • e-Notification services, enabling the real-time monitoring of critical business data.
Managing Intellectual Property Processes
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS implements enterprise software solutions and workflow systems that manage the complete lifecycle of an Intellectual Property process: from registering the Intellectual Property rights, to supporting the full examination sequence, opposition, inspection, cancellation, and recordal procedures.
In addition, these solutions and services create a modern paperless environment, by enhancing the collaboration and efficiency between the users of the Intellectual Property organisations, and facilitating the fastest, most transparent, efficient and cost-effective electronic management of the lifecycle of activities, by using state-of-the-art workflow systems.
ICT Consulting
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS possesses the necessary technical expertise and thorough background of Intellectual Property procedures and workflows to support Intellectual Property organisations in assessing, defining and shaping the technology solutions serving their Intellectual Property business needs. By combining experience, best practices and innovative thinking, our consultants can thoroughly analyse and elaborate the necessary technology models, pertinent to a fully automated Intellectual Property Office.
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS owns extensive expertise in implementing complex Intellectual Property solutions. Based on a successful track record in the development of systems for our strategic Intellectual Property clients, the implementation of state-of-the-art Enterprise Architecture solutions can be tailored to the structure, the business procedures and the goals of any National or International Intellectual Property organisation.
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS’ Intellectual Property solutions enable full interconnectivity and collaboration between the various decentralised resources, efficiently managing copyrights, trademarks, patents and industrial designs that fully comply with the global demands in the Intellectual Property domain. Having advanced experience with open standards such, as TM-XML, ST.13 and ST.66, enables the implementation of systems that seamlessly integrate with one another. Our products integrate successfully with various systems of Intellectual Property Offices in the EU, OHIM and WIPO.
One of the most important aspects for the deployment of new Intellectual Property solutions is presented by the seamless transition and business transformation to the new environment, using the existing data and information previously processed in the organisation. This transition can be easily achieved through the resources provided by EUROPEAN DYNAMICS. The migration of legacy data and workflows to a new and modern IT environment is performed in the most transparent manner, ensuring business continuity and smooth transition to the new environment.
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS provides extensive training in its Intellectual Property solutions and services, through the use of interactive and intuitive face-to-face courses and/or on-line workshops, delivered by company experts in Intellectual Property business and technology.
Help Desk
Finally, EUROPEAN DYNAMICS provides dedicated helpdesk services on fault reporting, guidance and advice, on all of the above solutions and services installed and operated by the company.
Clients in this field comprise EUIPO, EPO, the Intellectual Property Administrations of the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, etc.