What is CPMS?

CPMS is a multifunctional solution that serves as a virtual office, for modern organisations and all their stakeholders and counterparts. It offers to its users a common working space, containing all their documents, deliverables, communications and procedures to follow and achieve optimum cooperation.

With the CPMS platform, Contracting Authorities and Suppliers may maintain a private space on the Internet where partners, stakeholders and/or customers may virtually collaborate. CPMS is capable to provide an extensive suite of e-collaboration tools and functions, all integrated in a web interface allowing easy access from anywhere.


  • Document Management
  • Calendar
  • Forums
  • Issue Management
  • Project Management
  • Contract Performance
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Reporting

What makes it truly ideal is that it is fully adaptable. Design, functionality and interfaces can be easily customised so that they fit best to your needs and the ones of your community.