Customs &Taxation

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) is a leading IT firm in the field of e-Customs and e-Taxation internationally.

ED is a vendor of e-Customs products (i.e. the ECDP platform) and the supplier of ICT services to various Customs &Taxation administrations in the EU.

Our Approach

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) has put in place an advanced team of experts with extended experience in Taxation and Customs Systems.

Our project teams work closely with our clients supporting and advising them. This close co-operation with Business and Technical staff offers to our team hands on experience related to the operation of national Customs Systems, while it updates it with the latest developments in the Customs Area and the guidelines of the European Commission (EC).

In order to offer a superior service to our clients, we follow a proactive marketing approach, where vertical Customs applications are developed timely to allow Customs authorities meet the deadlines imposed by the European Commission’s DG TAXUD. Such modern marketing approach is complemented with an advantageous pricing policy.

The ECDP platform and its vertical applications are offered as a product tailor-made to the needs of the client, or following a flexible scheme based on the leasing mode and the hosting mode (SaaS – Software as a Service). The following table describes the cooperation mode adopted by each one of our clients.

Our Clients

Indicative examples of ED’s clients and success stories are:

Greece: ED is since 2006 the ICIS (Integrated Customs Information System) contractor of the Greek Ministry of Finance (General Secretariat for Information Systems – GSIS), addressing all the IT activities of the Ministry related to Customs. The contract included the Maintenance of ICIS and the Development of New Applications related to it. The maintenance and further development of the various ICIS modules, and new customs modules. In the context of the contract ED implemented applications for ECS1, ECS2, SEEDv1, QUOTA2, NCTS-4/TIR, etc.

Cyprus: The Ministry of Finance assigned ED to deliver an EMCS application (FS1, FS2, 3.1, 3.2) based on the ECDP platform. ED was also assigned to deliver:

  • ICS Phase-1 (Import Control System)
  • EORI
  • Risk Analysis
  • ECS

Malta: The Ministry of Finance assigned ED to deliver an EMCS (FS1, FS2, 3.1, 3.2) application based on the ECDP platform. Furthermore, ED provides complete operational support and ensures the good working order of the system. The Ministry of Finance also assigned ED to support and expand its NCTS platform.

Denmark: The Ministry of Finance (SKAT) assigned ED to deliver an EMCS (FS1, FS2, 3.1 and 3.2) application, as well as a Risk Analysis module, for the EMCS application, based on the ECDP platform. The application is hosted at ED’s premises and ED offers EMCS on a SaaS basis.

United Kingdom: The Scottish government assigned ED to design, implement, host and operate the Land and Buildings Transaction and the Landfill Taxes system of Scotland, replacing the UK Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) and Landfill Tax (LfT). The system is based on ED's Taxation platform and is in full operation since April 2015. HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) selected as part of its Customs Modernisation program ED’s ECDP Tariff COTS (an EU TARIC3 compliant product), to implement its new Tariff Solution. The assignment includes the licences for ED’s Tariff COTS and five years of support and maintenance services .

The Netherlands: The Ministry of Finance assigned ED to support and expand its NCTS platform.

Ireland: The Ministry of Finance assigned ED to support and expand its NCTS platform.

Poland: The Ministry of Finance assigned ED the Integrated Customs Tariff System (ISZTAR4). ISZTAR4 is the main source of integrated tariff and tax data, and tax and duty calculations for the Customs Service (Customs systems and Customs officers), as well as entities, institutions and Customs agencies in the area of foreign trade.