Consulting Services

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has extensive experience in the delivery of consulting services targeted at developing, promoting, stimulating and supporting clients in setting up and running their IT environment and information systems. As an indication, consulting services involve the following key domains:

Project Management: Management of project resources, risk management, financial management, change, risk and configuration management.

Quality Assurance, Management and Audit: Project Quality Plans (PQP), functional and quality tests, quality assessments, quality audits, quality control and evaluation of the software development cycle, elaboration and implementation of Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Business Consultancy Services: Description of a business, definition of business strategies and policies, creation, improvement and maintenance of business processes, collection of business and user requirements, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), feasibility studies, vision documents and business case modelling.

IS Security: Security studies, definition of security policies, security assessments and risk analysis of operational environments.

Enterprise Architecture: Analysis of portfolio of information systems, analysis of organisational structures, development and enhancement of IS architecture, assessments of architecture maturity and data flow analyses.

IS Studies: Technical studies, technical evaluations, implementation/deployment studies and hosting of information systems.

IT Training: Provision of training on specific tools, methodologies and practices including ITIL, COBIT, COCOMO II, PRINCE 2, ISO, RUP, UML and RDBMS administration. Also, provision of training on setting up and operation of IT environments and systems.

Analysis and evaluation of ICT research: Studies to assess impact and evaluate results of European research in ICT.

Provision of highly qualified personnel to work on the client’s premises: (intra-muros) in key IT positions such as Project Managers, Senior Analysts and Senior Consultants.

Indicative contracts include:

Project Management Services for General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union
Management of complex projects in the administrative computing field.
Electronic Transmission of Procurement Notices for Publication for the European Commission
Consulting mission to examine the legal, functional, organisational, and technical issues in the EU, EEA and acceding countries for the electronic transmission of procurement notices intended for publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. The aim is to provide recommendations on the necessary preparatory actions that should be taken to make electronic transmission of procurement notices mandatory for the European Commission.
Information Systems Security Policy for the European Commission
Our consultants have developed the information systems security policy of the European Commission. The policy addresses a wide range of security issues including web security, PKI, digital signatures, network security (firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection, etc.), e-mail security and virus protection. In addition, we developed a strategy for disseminating this security policy throughout the Commission (including all DGs, Delegations and Offices) and increasing user awareness with respect to security.
Bringing Together and Accelerating eGovernment Research in the EU. European Commission
Analysis and evaluation of the results of European research in eGovernment with respect to socio-technical trends, policy support and the international environment. This high-visibility, high-impact study is supplemented by focused workshops and cluster meetings with the research community. A dedicated website called “eGovernment Trendswatch” makes those results available to the public.