e-PPS Pioneering the e-Procurement Era
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has developed the e-PPS suite,  an open, secure, interoperable and re-configurable e-procurement platform offered as open source software with several installations in the EU and internationally. The e-PPS electronic procurement platform and associated components use open standards and fully comply with both national and EU legislation on public procurement. The system supports interaction between citizens, businesses, and public administrations, optimises public procurement by re-engineering and fully automating the applicable processes.

The e-PPS suite offers:
Procurement Portal: Front End Graphical User Interface layout for all high-level functionalities described below, along with configurable secondary functionalities, such as news, Frequently Asked Questions and an online help service.   
The service supports the registration of Contracting Authorities (buyers) and Economic Operators (suppliers).It provides the functionality to manage accounts as well as to authenticate the users to access the system.
e-Notification: Supports the automated procedure to publish contract notices in the Official Journal of the EU and other publication boards. Furthermore, it supports easy electronic access to tender documents and clarifications.

e-Tendering: Supports the submission of tenders, either via the web system or via an independent, standalone application. The system provides the capability of automatic validation of electronic proposals, in order for the suppliers to be able to receive immediate feedback in their proposals.

e-Awarding: Supports the opening and evaluation of tenders, in line with the related legal regulations. The proposals evaluation is achieved with the use of the established methods (Most Financially Profitable Proposal or according to the Lowest Price criterion), while the evaluation procedure can include the conducting of e-Auctions.

e-Auctions: A dynamic subsystem which supports the receipt of improved tenders, through the use of electronic auction events.

e-Catalogues & e-Ordering: Supports the use of catalogue-based tenders in order to facilitate e-Ordering and purchasing of products.

e-Invoicing & e-Payment: Supports the electronic issuing and processing of invoices and payments.

e-Statistics: Supports the extraction of statistical data and the processing of information regarding to the contract awards. The service also provides the means to create reports, as required by the law, to inform the appointed authorities of the European Union.

e-PPS platform ensures the equal treatment of all financial institutions and the transparency of the competitions by adopting recognized and acceptable models related to the protection of sensitive information.  

In order to record the exact time when a tender is submitted, and to avoid any disputes or even objections, the ePPS platform may use the services of an independent time-stamping authority. The exact time of the submission of a tender is stored in the database of the independent authority and also sent to the Economic Operator.